Another meaningful post.

And this is why I used to use the date as my post title. I am not very imaginative.
As a kid I was a racewalker, but lets face it, as a 20+ year old, it ain’t the most attractive way to exercise. So over the years, I started running as a way to drop some weight. And then last year after I changed jobs, I took it up again. Not only to shift some weight, thanks night shift for those extra kilos, but you know, because I actually enjoy it.
I know not many people can say that.
And I’m not really sure I like running whilst in the act. But I certainly feel good afterwards.
This coming Saturday I have entered Lap the Lake at Penrith Regatta Centre. I am going in the 10km. I want to say it won’t be too hard as it is a relatively flat course, but I know I will put extra pressure on myself to do a PB because of it.
Which brings me to tonight. I thought I would duck around the block a couple of times for an easy 10km.
It should have fet like this:

Instead of it being easy, it felt like I was pushing shit uphill the entire way.

So it really felt like this:

And even with my bra chafing pretty badly and just feeling blah and hungry, as soon as I stopped I really felt like this:

And that is why I do it.

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